Environmental protection
TEC environmental specialists have accumulated vast experience in and possess the requisite qualifications for the preparation of environmental impact assessment (EIA) documents, carrying out the procedures for public information and involvement in EIA, and obtaining conclusions from EIA stakeholders and the competent authority‘s decision.
Consulting on territorial planning
TEC professionals provide consulting on territorial planning. Acting in the capacity of the client‘s representatives, they estimate the timing and costs of document preparation, assess risks and perform all the statutory procedures.
TEC specialists provide the engineering investigation services. We prepare topographic layouts with underground networks and land plot boundaries marked and carry out geological soil investigations.
Engineering supervision
The company provides the service of engineering supervision over construction projects and extraordinary structures. Certified engineering supervision professionals with many years’ experience assist the clients in proper and successful implementation of projects of various scope in both private and public sectors.
Water management
TEC water management specialists provide consulting on matters of water collection, discharge and treatment. We design outdoor and indoor water supply systems for settlements and transport infrastructure facilities (roads, junctions, grounds), water treatment facilities and building’s services.
Roads, bridges and railways
TEC transport and infrastructure specialists provide consulting on, carry out investigations of and design road vehicle and pedestrian bridges, viaducts and overpasses, roads, streets, motorways and railways.
Industry and energy
TEC Industry specialises in the field of designing energy facilities (up to 400 MW capacity of power).
Project management
TEC provides the project management service whereby our project managers assist the client to control the construction process from the preparation of design documentation and selection of contractors until completion of construction. Consulting on administrative, legal and technical issues is provided.
We provide consulting on the matters of development of conceptualised solutions, construction process management, preparation of design documentation.
2000 - 2018

Combined heat and power plant in Tallinn
Engineering computations and detailed design.
Smeltė overpass. Gold Medal of the Product of the Year
Detailed design and production drawings.
Pedestrian and cycling bridge, the highest in Lithuania. Gold Medal of the Product of the Year
Detailed design and production drawings.
„Rail Baltica”
Conceptual design, technical design, working design and engineering supervision for the urban infrastructure part of the project.
Ignalina nuclear power plant
Storage and waste treatment facilieties equipment design


TEC Industry Continues Cooperation with “Klaipėdos nafta”
The company “Klaipėdos nafta” will soon be able to begin the construction of the railway tanker loading trestle for oil products – TEC Industry has prepared the technical project for this trestle and obtained the construction permit.
TEC Infrastructure will develop the Technical Design for New Elevations at Šiaurinė street in Vilnius
Last week, TEC Infrastructure signed the agreement with Vilnius City Municipal Company “Vilniaus Planas” for the first phase of construction of the Šiaurinė Street.
A Major Repair Project for Dubingiai Bridge, Acknowledged as Cultural Heritage, is under Preparation
TEC Infrastructure, UAB begins the preparation of the project for the major repair works of Dubingiai Bridge over the lake Asveja, the company will also be responsible for the supervision of the implementation of the project.
TEC Infrastructure Designs one of the Largest Viaducts in Western Lithuania
TEC Infrastructure team begins the final design stage of the new viaduct in Mažeikiai – prepares the work project for the object in accordance with the previously prepared technical design. The new viaduct will rise before the end of 2020 under the order of the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Mažeikiai District Municipality Administration.
TEC Groups work with Irish company Maas Aviation
The Irish company “Maas Aviation“ has started a construction of aircraft painting hangar in the area of Kaunas Airport. The technical project of this unit has been prepared by the company TEC Industry which is a part of TEC group. The project itself as well as the technical supervision of the unit will be managed by another member of same group, TEC Consulting.

About us

  • Start of TEC Industry business activities
  • Start of TEC Infrastructure business activities
  • Engineering supervision division established
  • Designing of RAIL BALTICA started
  • Designing of a biomass-fuelled power plant in Estonia
  • Formation of TEC Group

We are among the market leaders in the field of infrastructure, industry and energy consulting in the Baltic States. Our company has been operating successfully since 2000. Over this period, a team of professionals with many years’ experience has been formed: at present the company employs around 100 specialists with higher educational attainment in engineering who continue to improve their skills. By applying innovative methods and means of work, we provide services of the highest quality.


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