A Major Repair Project of the Part of the Road Jonava–Žasliai–Kalniniai Mijaugonys is Initiated

February 24, 2020

At the end of January, TEC Infrastructure, a member of the TEC Corporate Group, signed a contract with the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications on the preparation of the project for the major overhaul of the road Jonava–Žasliai–Kalniniai Mijaugonys and the reconstruction of the viaduct passing over the railway. According to the contract, a new pedestrian and bicycle path will be designed up to the 4,68 km of the regional road of national significance No. 143 Jonava–Žasliai–Kalniniai Mijaugonys and a viaduct passing over the railway at the 1,189 km will be reconstructed. The specialists of TEC group will prepare project proposals, perform the procedures for publishing the project solutions, obtain a construction permit and will carry out the supervision of the execution of the project once the client selects a contractor.

“As usual, we will examine the current situation responsibly, the needs of the all social groups and interested parties, the vision of the client and we will develop the most appropriate project solutions, which meet the expectation of all the groups”, – says Andrius Indriliūnas, the Project Manager-Coordinator of TEC Infrastructure.

TEC Infrastructure, the member of the TEC Corporate Group, operating since 2003, has prepared several projects of reconstruction and major repairs of regional roads of national significance or viaducts in Lithuania and abroad. Similar objects: Kairių str. (western road), Baltijos pr. and Minijos str., Baltijos pr. with Taikos pr. intersection, Baltijos pr. with Šilutės rd. intersection in Klaipėda, road A14 (Kupiškio str.) in Utena, a two level intersection with a railway, Aušros str. of Marijampolė town and others. Currently, the specialists of TEC Infrastructure are designing the new Liepkalnio, Žirnių str. and Minsko rd. intersection, Šiaurinės str. overpass in Vilnius, as well as one of the largest viaducts in western Lithuania – Algirdo str. in Mažeikiai.

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