All three Companies of the TEC Group are on the List of Participants in NATO Tenders

May 27, 2020

TEC Consulting, a company providing construction project management services, was added to the list of participants in NATO tenders on the 12th of May of this year. Other two members of the Group – TEC Industry and TEC Infrastructure – have been on this list since 2018.

The list of participants in NATO tenders is a list of potential participants in public procurement of goods and services organised by NATO, ensuring a faster and smoother NATO procurement process and the highest quality of procured goods or services at the best price. The companies on this list receive information about the tenders organised by the organisation, and those that have expressed a wish to participate in them can receive declarations of eligibility from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania in a simplified procedure. The declaration of eligibility confirms the company’s financial, technical, professional and security eligibility as well as the ability to meet the conditions of a specific NATO tender. Currently there are 116 companies on the NATO list in Lithuania.

“Being on the list of participants in NATO tenders is a proof of the professionalism and eligibility of our Group of Companies because only those companies which provide the services of the highest technical and professional level are included in this list. It also expands our capabilities to provide engineering services beyond the transport, industrial and energy sectors” – comments Mantas Biknius, the Sales Director of TEC Consulting.

TEC Group of Companies unites the companies TEC Infrastructure, TEC Industry and TEC Consulting. The member of the Group TEC Infrastructure designs, consults and provides technical supervision services in the field of transport infrastructure, the company TEC Industry are the experts in industrial and energy engineering: they design, carry out technical supervision of these objects and supervision of project implementation as well as provide other engineering services. The specialisation of the company of the Group TEC Consulting, UAB is construction project management, technical supervision and commissioning-coordination services. There are 97 employees working in the Group, 80 of which are qualified engineers.