By celebrating the 20th anniversary of our Group – our new updated website

April 20, 2020

This year TEC group of companies is celebrating its 20th anniversary: founded in 2000, TEC Industry provides industrial and energy engineering services, the team of TEC infrastructure is counting its 17th year in the field of transport infrastructure, and the main focus of the youngest group member, TEC Consulting, which was established in 2017, is construction project management and supervision.

Even though we are separate companies we will continue to act as one joint team. We see that by combining our experience, knowledge, and certain functions we become even stronger, thus gaining a wider opportunity to create value for our client and partners.

From now on we present our services and competences on a common website for the Group A single website is a part of a long-term strategy that will allow us to reach our customers easier and spread a pleasant image of the group which provides valuable engineering services in the fields of energy, industry, and transport infrastructure.

We thank everyone for allowing us to be a part of their important projects for the last 20 years!