Commissioning and Adjustment Works in Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant will be carried out by the Specialists of the TEC Group

June 1, 2020

The member of the TEC Group of Companies, the company TEC Consulting entered into the agreement with the Polish company Budimex S. A., under which the specialists of the company will carry out the commissioning works of Auxiliary equipment and systems of Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant, will prepare the documents for handing over of the object to the state institutions and until then they will be responsible for the operation of the power plant facilities.

The specialists of TEC Consulting will take part in the complex commissioning works of the entire object: they will check all the equipment after the installation, will ensure its proper readiness for exploitation, will test the control and safety systems, and will perform the purge of the steam pipes. The “hot” commissioning works will start later – fuel will be supplied and operating modes will be adjusted by setting the required operating parameters for the equipment.

Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant will provide about 40 percent of the total heat demand of the capital per year and one fifth of the heat demand of the city of during the coldest period. The power plant will also produce about 0.4 TWh of electricity, enough to supply 230 000 of households. The total heat production capacity of the power plant will be about 240 MW, and the electrical capacity will be approximately 100 MW. Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant will use biofuel and municipal waste to generate heat and electricity.

“We have gained a lot of experience working with energetic facilities – we are one of the few companies in Lithuania with qualified specialists for such work. During this half-year alone we are working already in the second energetic object important for the state, which will also use municipal waste for the generation of heat. We appreciate the opportunity to cooperate with foreign partners and world-renowned equipment manufacturers when implementing projects in Lithuania, and especially in objects of special significance” – comments Andrej Chodžin, the Technical Director of TEC Consulting.

The specialists of TEC Consulting are currently carrying out the commissioning works in Kaunas Combined Heat and Power Plant as well.

The companies of the TEC Group provide design, consulting, technical supervision, project and construction management and other engineering services for industrial and transport infrastructure objects as well as energy facilities. The Group consists of the companies TEC Consulting, TEC Infrastructure and TEC Industry.