Commissioning and Tuning of Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant – In Good Hands

February 19, 2023
In December 2022, TEC Consulting received an order from the Finnish Valmet technologies OY for commissioning and tuning works at Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant. Andrej Chodžin, Technical Director for TEC Consulting, shared about the course of the project.


Big and important project

Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant is an important and significant object for anyone living in Vilnius. According to Mr Chodžin, together with the waste incineration boiler, which is already in operation, the plant should satisfy one fifth of the heat demand in Vilnius city during the coldest season, and approximately 40 per cent of the entire heat, consumed by the capital per year. The total capacity of the plant is expected to reach 92 MW, while the heat capacity – approximately 229 MW.  Moreover, electricity will be produced using biomass and utility waste rather than fossil fuel (Lithuania usually uses gas, which became more expensive due to the war in Ukraine and the need to replace Russian gas). For these reasons, this decision is not only cost-effective, but also sustainable, contributing to decreasing the piles of waste in landfills and lower emissions of greenhouse gasses.

Thus, TEC Consulting team was selected for commissioning and tuning of Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant for their experience and competence in working with projects of this type and scale. ‘Our company has all the certificates that are necessary to conduct these works in Lithuania. Moreover, we are one of the few companies in Lithuania that have the experts, qualified for this type of a job.’ says the Technical Director for TEC Consulting.

The main goal of this project is to conduct the commissioning and tuning works of two biofuel boilers and their auxiliary equipment at Vilnius Combined Heat and Power Plant. ‘This is the third project of this scale in the recent four years. And, although we already have substantial experience, works like these enable us to build our competencies even further.’ says Mr Chodžin.

He also added that the biofuel incineration boilers, employed at the plant, are largest not only in Lithuania, but also the Baltic States, making it a truly excellent opportunity for the TEC experts to acquire additional experience. ‘Moreover, we really value the opportunity to assist our foreign partners in implementing projects like this in Lithuania, particularly in objects of such importance.’

Future perspectives

TEC Consulting and Valmet Technologies participate at complex commissioning and tuning works of the entire object. The project is currently in the final stages of the installation, and the launching, testing and commissioning phases are underway. ‘All equipment will be tested to verify if it’s ready for work, we will also test the management and security systems, and conduct boiler blowdown and protective coating works. These will be followed by the hot tuning works, which involve supplying fuel and adjusting operation modes while monitoring the necessary parameters of the boiler. TEC Consulting team is responsible for the operation of the plant’s equipment until commissioning.

According to the Technical Director or TEC Consulting, the works are expected to take approximately 10 months. During this time, Vilnius citizens may hear various sounds and see lots of water steam. ‘It’s all a part of the process, enabling us to make sure that the object is ready to serve for at least 20 years.’

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