Construction of the aircraft painting hangar at Kaunas Airport has begun

May 11, 2020

Company TEC Consulting, being part of TEC Group of companies, informs, that a permit authorising the construction of an aircraft painting hangar in the territory of Kaunas Airport has been obtained. This will be a 20 m high structure with a 4,860 m2 floor area enabling to paint about 100 aircraft a year. The technical design of this facility has been prepared by TEC Industry, a company of TEC Group, whereas technical supervision over construction of the facility will be carried out by TEC Consulting.

“This is an interesting, specific area which required us gaining understanding about aircraft and even air navigation subtleties from the very start so that we could get on common ground with the customer and achieve a good result”, told Mr. Vaidotas Pocius, Project Manager of TEC Consulting. “A construction permit has been obtained and we will be able to observe shortly how the design on a computer screens turns into a specific structure”.

Prior to starting the construction of the aircraft painting hangar in Kaunas Airport territory, TEC Consulting proposed that the customer, together with Kaunas Airport, carried out an assessment of navigation and air traffic monitoring so that the airport could identify the impact of upcoming buildings within its territory on navigation systems, possible risks and take measures to avoid possible air traffic disturbances. Thus, traffic of large aircraft will be ensured at Kaunas Airport even under low visibility conditions.

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