Improving condition of Lithuanian roads: completed reconstruction of the Kėdainiai – Krekenava – Panevėžys section of the road

December 17, 2020
UAB TEC Infrastructure has finally completed the reconstruction of the Kėdainiai – Krekenava – Panevėžys road section by receiving a certificate of completion. The project started in 2017. The reconstruction included a renovation of the road section in poor condition along with the bridge in it.

 Reconstruction works of the Kėdainiai-Krekenava-Panevėžys road section from 5 to 16.9 kilometres were completed at the beginning of this year. The section of the road in poor condition was causing inconvenience to local residents and all traffic participants on Kėdainiai – Panevėžys road. Members of the communities of settlements located along the road section are satisfied about the renovation of the road – according to them, the poor road was one of the reasons why property buyers were unwilling to consider the houses in this area.

UAB TEC Infrastructure has prepared the project parts of the road section for water supply and sewage disposal, lighting, land reclamation, road construction and communication. A project for the reconstruction of the bridge on the road section was also drawn up.

The old worn-out asphalt on the road was dismantled during the reconstruction, and a new asphalt pavement structure was laid. Roads, intersections and bus stops with platforms have also been arranged, reconstructed and, in some places, newly installed. To ensure traffic safety, protective road barriers have been installed in dangerous sections of the road, in addition to the installation of speed humps, raised intersections and new road signs.

For the convenience of residents, there are pedestrian and bicycle paths, safe, sufficiently wide sidewalks adapted for the disabled. Obstructive trees and shrubs were cut down during the repair of the section, and green areas were restored after the completion of the road works – the territory was landscaped and planted.

During the entire construction period of the road section, UAB TEC Infrastructure supervised the implementation of the project and prepared draft final technical and work project I’m the construction was completed.

UAB TEC Infrastructure is part of the TEC group of companies, along with other companies – TEC Industry and TEC Consulting. The group companies provide the design, consulting, maintenance, project and construction management and other engineering services for communications infrastructure, industrial and energy facilities.