Major repair of the main transport hub of Vilnius city

December 3, 2020
TEC Infrastructure is closing the year with another successful project: The TEC Infrastructure team will take care of the major reconstruction of some of the busiest sections of Vilnius – T. Narbuto Street from Laisvės Avenue to Erelių Street.

Major repair of streets should solve the problem of traffic jams: delayed public transport and accidents have been a long-standing problem of this section of Vilnius for quite a while. TEC Infrastructure will prepare part of the street structures by providing retaining walls, solutions for the protection or lifting of the necessary engineering networks. Noise pollution indicators will also be set and noise reduction measures – noise suppression walls and bio barriers – will be installed.

Narbuto Street is the main transport artery of the city, connecting the central part of the city with richly populated neighbourhoods. During the project, it is planned to install traffic lanes specifically designed for public transport, in order to help to avoid delays in public transport and reduce congestion. There will also be cycling, hiking trails and green areas to ensure comfortable and picturesque travel for city residents when traveling by bike or on foot. The newly installed bike trails reduce traffic accidents involving cyclists, which currently are particularly common on Tunelio Street.

In addition to the new trials and lanes, the section of T. Narbuto Street from Laisvės Avenue to Erelių Street should enjoy the upgraded storm water networks, lighting, traffic light regulation at the intersections with a video surveillance system. The TEC Infrastructure team will also submit a project to the Builder (VMSA) for the selection of a construction contractor. During the construction, TEC Infrastructure will supervise the implementation of the project and ensure that the busiest street in Vilnius becomes safe for its residents traveling on any vehicles.

TEC Infrastructure has already implemented similar projects in Vilnius, including the technical project for the reconstruction of the junction of Žirnių, Liepkalnio Street and Minsko pl. intersection and supervision of its works in 2018, and the construction project of the first stage of Šiaurinės Street from Vakarinio bypass to Fabijoniškių Street.

TEC Infrastructure is part of the TEC group of companies, along with other companies – TEC Industry and TEC Consulting. The group companies provides the design, consulting, maintenance, project and construction management and other engineering services for communications infrastructure, industrial and energy facilities.