New agreement signed with KN for the replacement of steam boiler burners

April 21, 2020

TEC Consulting, a member of the TEC Group of Companies, had concluded an agreement with the operator of LNG terminals KN (AB „Klaipėdos nafta“) for the replacement of steam boiler burners. Specialists of the group will replace the existing burners of boilers with the new, LowNOx generation of burners reducing NOx and CO concentrations up to 100 mg/Nm3, and perform commissioning works along with the warranty tests. Another member of the TEC Group of Companies, TEC Industry, will develop the Technical Detailed Design. The total value of works to be performed is approximately 0,5 million Euros.

“Our group has been giving priority to environmental solutions for many years. We carry out our works based on the environmental standards, and we are proud of our customers that in turn invest in advanced environmental technologies” – says Mantas Biknius, a representative of the TEC Group of Companies, sales director of TEC Consulting.

Mr. Biknius says that KN has selected the burners made by one of the most innovative burner manufacturers – ‘Fives Pillard’ (France), known for their effectiveness and high quality. Engineering of the aforesaid equipment has been already launched, the second boiler will have its burners replaced after the replacement of the first boiler and a short technological break in November. All works under the agreement are planned for completion before the end of summer 2021. We hope that the COVID-19 pandemic will not adjust these deadlines.

Darius Šilenskis, General Director of the KN, notes that the commitment to sustainable activities and continued investment in environmental measures remains the focus of the KN.

“We are constantly looking for the most efficient solutions on the improvement of the environment. We have developed an Environmental Action Plan, which includes investments and various measures to help ensure our sustainable operation and ensure the highest environmental standards. Modernisation of the two most powerful boilers of the KN oil terminal boiler house is one of the measures provided for in the plan. We estimate that by the end of the year 2021, the KN’s investments in the environmental areas will have reached 8 million” – says the head of the KN.

TEC Industry had also prepared technical and detail designs for the new storage tank engineering system project for the KN (2017 – 2018), in 2019 the company had also designed the new railway car loading platforms and obtained the construction permit.

TEC Group of Companies unites experts in design, technical supervision and construction project management of industry, energy, transport infrastructure and other facilities. TEC Consulting, a member of the TEC Group of Companies, provides construction project management services from consulting to construction project management for industrial and energy companies. TEC Industry is engaged in the design of industrial projects. The third member of the Group, TEC Infrastructure, designs, consults and provides other engineering services in the field of transport infrastructure.