New opportunities: Mr Vaidas Laukaitis starts managing two companies at TEC Group

April 8, 2022
Mr Vaidas Laukaitis, who became the CEO of TEC Industry – a company that specialises in designing power plants and industrial facilities – in June 2019, is facing changes once again. Starting from April 1st, he also took over the position of CEO at TEC Infrastructure.


TEC Industry focuses on designing, supervising and managing projects in industrial, oil & gas, energy sectors. Another member of the TEC Group, TEC Infrastructure, designs, consults and provides maintenance services mainly in the field of transport infrastructure. Mr Vaidas Laukaitis, who will lead both companies from now on, has been working in the design field for more than 15 years.

‘I take this new position with a smile on my face. I appreciate that the company trusted me and offered me this opportunity. Hopefully, I will meet the expectations of the board of directors,’ says V. Laukaitis. He also mentions that he has implemented a number of interesting, successful projects with the team of TEC Industry, and hopes that there will be even more in the future. As the new head of TEC Infrastructure, he set a similar goal: ‘Both companies are united by one goal – to take the leading position in the design field in the Baltic states as well as beyond. We will move towards this together with our team,’ says the new CEO.

According to the design expert, the smooth collaboration between the team and the manager makes a great impact in achieving the goals. ‘I set very high standards for myself. First of all, I must not be a boss, but a leader that the whole team can trust and wants to follow,’ V. Laukaitis presents his vision. He adds that as he got a new position, one of the desires is to create and maintain a cohesive, strong and motivated team which would not be afraid of obstacles or problems that sometimes occur in the design field. ‘After achieving the goals, successfully completing the projects and overcoming the challenges, it is nice to rejoice together with the whole team,’ he explains.

We would like to thank Mr Vidmantas Giedraitis, who had been leading the team of TEC Infrastructure since 2021. He carried out the sustainable development of the company’s activities and implemented a number of successful projects. Thank you for the leadership you displayed with your colleagues in the field of design!