New service – coordination of construction safety and health at work

March 29, 2019

TEC Consulting is launching a construction safety and health work coordination service for construction companies.

The legislation of the Republic of Lithuania regulates that when more than two contractors work on a construction site, the developer must appoint a building safety and health coordinator to coordinate the safety and health measures on the site. The coordinator must have the necessary qualifications.

“While providing construction management services, we are faced with the need for this type of service, and we have decided to complement our portfolio with these services. It is convenient for the customer to have a qualified specialist who coordinates the safety between contractors, and it is easier for the partner to take care of the construction process”, says Robertas Mikalauskas, Project Manager for TEC Consulting and certified construction work safety and health coordinator. He adds that the TEC Consulting specialists are ready to provide the services of a building safety and health coordinator to all builders, no matter what sector they operate in.

The Building Construction Safety and Health Work Coordinator is responsible for the implementation of the requirements set out in the technical and construction works technology projects and other measures related to the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases on the construction site as well as solving technical, organizational issues, and evaluating the duration of the work so that it does not endanger the health and safety of the workers. He also coordinates the activities of employers and self-employed people and regulates which measures are provided for in the projects of the building. Other tasks the coordinator does are: takes into account the progress of the work and the changes that have occurred, adjusts the safety and health measures of the employees, organizes cooperation and information exchange between the different contractors, and coordinates the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases.

TEC Consulting provides construction, maintenance and FIDIC engineering services to industry and energy companies, advises on design and maintenance, prepares feasibility studies and conducts financial-economic assessments.