New winds in TEC Infrastructure – replacement of the head of the company

January 15, 2021
Arūnas Ruokis, who managed TEC Infrastructure for more than two years, is transferring the company management to the new manager, Vidmantas Giedraitis. The former and the current managers are sharing experiences, targets and challenges in the operation of TEC Infrastructure.
Long-term experience and new approach

The future manager of TEC Infrastructure Vidmantas Giedraitis has a doctoral degree in energy from Kaunas University of Technology. V. Giedraitis has 17 years of experience in planning, organisation, development and management of commercial work and business of large infrastructure projects in both Lithuanian and foreign markets (Poland, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden and Norway). He also has worked with the first synchronisation projects of the transmission networks of the Republic of Lithuania.

“A dynamic, professional team based on long-term experience and a modern approach, a leader in its field or industry, respecting the highest principles of responsible business. A company that takes responsibility for its innovative engineering solutions and their impact on the environment and society around us,” the future manager of TEC Infrastructure introduces his vision.

V. Giedraitis states that thanks to the acquired engineering knowledge and competencies, he will seek to optimize the company’s activities, ensuring the sustainable development of the company’s activities and continuous increase of operational efficiency and value in the local market. One of the targets is planning, organisation and development of new activities in the Scandinavian markets.

Improvement with the team

 Arūnas Ruokis has been managing TEC Infrastructure since June 2018 and has a previous 14 years of experience at TEC Industry. When talking about his management, A. Ruokis referred to the awarded large contracts in Lithuania and Belarus, the newly established contacts with RB Rail international tender participants, with whom the company has been cooperating so far. In 2020, TEC Infrastructure received a nomination of the “Best Communication Infrastructure Project” by Lithuanian BIM Projects . “our colleagues also took part in the international InfraBIM Open 2020 conference in Tampere, Finland, and were the first in the Baltic States to present a report on the infrastructure project”, A. Ruokis says.

Speaking about the most memorable and largest projects of TEC Infrastructure, A. Ruokis mentioned the successful architectural tenders of bridges for the Kaunas Nemunas Island and Užvingis Island in Vilnius, the technical design competition for the new overpasses on Šiaurinės Street in Vilnius, and the project of Mažeikiai viaduct over the railway. A. Ruokis also mentioned the intersection of the Liepkalnio, Žirnių Streets and Minsko Highway, also consultation with Minskavtodor-Centr, the reports were of were presented to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Another important achievement is that certification of TEC Infrastructure in Belarus. TEC Infrastructure has received all necessary certificates for the provision of design and maintenance services in the first (the highest) category of buildings.

“We were improving along with all the team, while I was sharing my experience and insights of the project manager in managing projects and interacting with customers and partners”, A. Ruokis comments on his input in TEC Infrastructure. He was also pleased to grow as an executive of the company with the assistance of his colleagues. “I appreciate the efforts of the whole team which believed and trusted in me. I wish the TEC Infrastructure team not only to achieve the goals, but also to exceed them. And of course, lots of success and perseverance, which colleagues really are not short of, and in the face of a pandemic, to stay healthy, which is paramount”.

 UAB TEC Infrastructure is part of the TEC group of companies, which also has the companies TEC Industry and TEC Consulting. The group companies provide transport infrastructure, industrial and energy facility design, consulting, maintenance, project and construction management and other engineering services.