New type of CHP plant in Lithuania: project management and design work in the hands of TEC Group

June 6, 2023
In 2022, TEC Group started with a new project – the construction of a CHP plant in the city of Visaginas’ district heating network system. The technical design has already been prepared and the construction permit has been obtained. Currently, the preparation of the detailed design is underway and preparations are underway for the active phase of the project – construction works and their technical supervision. Ovidijus Andrijauskas, Project Manager at TEC Consulting, talks about the project’s goals and the team’s attitude.


An exceptional CHP plant

In order to reduce dependence on imported natural gas, the rate of growth of heat energy prices and greenhouse gas emissions, while maintaining the high quality of district heating services, the construction of the Visaginas CHP plant is underway. “The project will see the construction of a combined heat and power plant that will supply heat to the district heating networks of the city of Visaginas and will provide up to 1,250 kWe of power and 6.8 MWth of thermal output. The project is expected to run from 2022 to 2026,” says project manager O. Andrijauskas.

The ORC plant will be the first in Lithuania. “The small-scale plant will supply heat to the city’s district heating system and generate electricity that will be fed into the ESO grid. The project is part-financed by the European Union’s Structural and Investment Funds and is part of the government’s Green Deal programme, so it will use renewable biofuels, which will consist of shredded wood from logging residues, while higher quality shredded wood can be used in case of scarcity of wood.”

TEC Consulting’s team of specialists is responsible for project management, coordination of the design work, and technical supervision of the construction work. Competent specialists prepare the necessary documentation, organise the selection of suppliers and contractors. The TEC Industry team is responsible for the design work. TEC Consulting will also coordinate the activities between the parties, schedule the works and carry out other project management activities. 

Long-standing specialist experience is one of the key ingredients for quality

With more than 10 years of experience in project management, Andrijauskas says that the most interesting thing about his job is the variety. “Every project is unique, so every time I encounter a new project, I gain new experience in both construction and technology, as well as meet interesting personalities and professionals in their field,” says Andrijauskas, a TEC Consulting representative.

According to the professional, one of the greatest strengths of a project manager is his experience, which allows him to move forward confidently, react quickly to emerging problems and make effective decisions. “As far as this or any other project is concerned, I believe that the strength of the TEC Consulting team lies in the competence of its specialists, their professionalism and cohesive teamwork relations. All TEC Consulting project managers and engineers have many years of experience in this type of project development,” says Mr. Andrijauskas.

The Visaginas City CHP project is being implemented by TEC Group specialists who have many years of experience in the design and construction management of industrial and energy facilities. “Once the construction phase begins, the team will be joined by technical construction supervisors, a safety coordinator and a process engineer,” informs the project manager of TEC Consulting.

TEC Consulting UAB is part of the TEC Group, which also includes TEC Industry and TEC Infrastructure. The Group provides design, consulting, maintenance, project and construction management and other engineering services for transport infrastructure, industrial and energy facilities.