Renewal of the roundabout at Baltijos and Taikos Ave. in Klaipėda will open up new traffic opportunities

April 17, 2023
Klaipėda is entering the next phase of development of the port city’s largest transport corridor. A contract has been signed for the preparation of a technical design for the reconstruction of the Baltijos Avenue and Taikos Avenue roundabout. TEC Infrastructure’s Business Development Director Domas Čėsna tells us more about the project.


A strategically important link for the city and the port

The intersection between Baltijos Ave. and Taikos Ave. is a highly dynamic urban artery. After the implementation of the intersection reconstruction solutions, heavy duty vehicles will be able to use the Baltijos Avenue (IX B transport corridor) without intersecting with the city traffic and will be able to reach and exit the Klaipėda Central Terminal.

The TEC Infrastructure team is currently completing geodetic surveys and traffic flow modelling. The geological surveys are planned to continue and the design of the structures in the BIM environment is planned to start in accordance with the Digital Information Model implementation plan. “We are responsible for the main works at the transport hub: design of viaducts, tunnel, underpasses. A significant part of the project is also the partners’ part. All in all, TEC internally manages 70% of the project’s scope”, explains the Business Development Director.

The design of the roundabout will aim to create new forms of interaction and identify the best technical solutions. This will include a tunnel in the direction of Baltijos Avenue and a seamless insertion of the BRT route into the intersection in the direction of Taikos Avenue. It will also ensure a smooth distribution of pedestrian traffic between the different sides and adjacencies of the intersection.

“This project will be the second of the ongoing projects on Baltijos Avenue, with only Baltijos Minija Phase II remaining. Together, they will create the right conditions for smooth traffic flow in the direction of the Baltijos Avenue, as well as the conditions for an earlier start of the Klaipėda Southern Bypass,” says Mr. Čėsna. 

Benefits for Klaipėda residents and visitors

According to Mr. Čėsna, the implementation of this rather complex project should significantly reduce congestion in Klaipėda on the Baltijos Avenue, which will shorten the travel time when leaving the city, as well as improve traffic flow capacity and traffic safety. The intersecting BRT line will allow for more efficient traffic management and a traffic-free intersection, which is expected to increase the attractiveness of public transport for citizens and visitors. In addition, the traffic organisation of the roundabout, the tunnel and the BRT route will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The reconstructed intersection will seamlessly connect with the Baltijos Avenue – Šilutės Road intersection, which will lead to the sustainable development of Klaipėda’s urban infrastructure.

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