Start of recontruction of Tvirtovės Street in Alytus

June 8, 2020

TEC Infrastructure, being a communication infrastructure designer, prepared the Concept for the reconstruction of Tvirtovės Street in Alytus and received a construction permit for these works. According to the Concept, almost a kilometre of Tvirtovė Street will be renovated, the ring crossroad will be constructed, sidewalks, rainwater collection networks, lighting will be renovated, and green areas will be planted. TEC Infrastructure will also provide Design supervision services.

The Concept of Ulonų, Pulko and Santaikos Streets currently being reconstructed in Alytus has also been prepared by TEC Infrastructure. “Gradual renovation the most important communication arteries of Alytus City and application of uniform traffic organization solutions are aimed to make the streets recognizable, self-explaining, where the traffic organization is naturally understood by drivers. This reduces driver errors and traffic accidents”, says Miroslav Aviženis, the project Manager of the Company.

UAB TEC Infrastructure has been designing, consulting and providing supervision services in the field of communication infrastructure since 2003. The company refers to the TEC group of companies together with TEC Industry and TEC Consulting. These companies provide design, consulting, supervision, project and construction management and other engineering services in the fields of industry and energy.