TEC Consulting completes work on the Vilnius cogeneration power plant project

March 26, 2024
TEC Consulting’s work on the Vilnius CHP project, which started in December 2022, has been successfully completed. Following an order from Valmet Technologies OY, TEC Consulting has carried out the commissioning and tuning of the power plant in this important project.


About the project

The Vilnius CHP plant is a subsidiary of the integrated renewable energy company Ignitis Group and is a very important project for the citizens of Vilnius. The plant will provide one-fifth of the capital’s heat needs during the cold season and around 40 per cent of the city’s total annual heat needs. The main objective of the project was to carry out the commissioning of the 2nd biofuel boilers of the Vilnius CHP plant with all auxiliary equipment.

TEC contribution to the project

TEC Consulting received the order for the work at the Vilnius CHP plant from the Finnish company Valmet Technologies OY in December 2022. TEC Consulting was chosen for the project because of its experience and expertise in working on projects of this type and scale. The company is delighted to have had the opportunity to work with one of the largest and best-known companies in Europe for large energy projects.

The Vilnius CHP plant has the largest biofuel boilers not only in Lithuania, but also in the Baltic States, so it was a great opportunity for TEC’s specialists to gain additional experience. According to Edikas Barauskas, the TEC Consulting team was one of the first in this project to get to know and learn how to work with circulating fluidised bed boilers. “It was not only interesting, but also a very useful experience. We gained invaluable knowledge about the various technical and technological nuances of the operation of these boilers”.

TEC Consulting, together with Valmet Technologies, was involved in the complex commissioning and tuning of the entire facility. The project included checking all the equipment to ensure that it was ready for operation, testing the control and protection systems, blowing out the boilers and forming a protective coating for the internal surfaces. After the installation of the process equipment was completed, TEC Consulting carried out the commissioning and tuning works and was responsible for the operation of the plant until the facility was handed over to the client.

TEC Consulting excursion to Vilnius CHP plant

After the completion of the project works, the entire TEC Consulting team visited the Vilnius CHP plant. Edikas Barauskas, TEC Consulting’s Project Manager working on this project, organised the excursion for his colleagues. “It was very interesting to hear the impressions and experiences of the people working on the project. For colleagues who are not directly involved in the day-to-day running of the project, it was an extraordinary opportunity to visit a facility of this size and see everything for themselves. For others, the tour was a great opportunity to share best practices.”

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