TEC Consulting on sustainable growth and projects important for Lithuania’s future

June 27, 2023
TEC Consulting, a member of the TEC Group of Companies, celebrated its 5th anniversary in February, and is celebrating its birthday all year round, reminiscing about the projects it has completed, the achievements of its employees and the fun moments of the team. Giedrius Andrulionis, CEO of TEC Consulting, and Mantas Biknius, Sales Manager, tell us more about the company’s development and achievements.


The start was assured

TEC Consulting was born, according to Mr. Andrulionis and MR. Biknius, from an idea and a desire to facilitate the project implementation process for investors. “In the market, such a service was more common in business and shopping centre and residential projects, while we started to provide our services to investors developing industrial and energy projects,” recalls the TEC Consulting sales manager.

Mr. Andrulionis adds that “while communicating with investors, the idea of offering the services of a reliable team that is familiar with the management of industrial and energy projects was born. We started with two of us, and then the team grew, as did the service areas, as we made our way firmly and confidently to what we have today.”

TEC Consulting UAB specialises in the management and maintenance of industrial and energy construction projects, as well as the commissioning and retrofitting of these facilities. The team consists of 27 motivated, experienced employees and a large number of successfully completed projects.

Completed projects and achievements

The first contract with which TEC Consulting UAB started was the reconstruction of the boiler house of Nordic Sugar Kėdainiai AB, which was carried out on the basis of Direct Contracting. Subsequently, the company has implemented many other meaningful works:

  • Aircraft painting hangar at Kaunas Airport
  • Vilnius-Klaipėda railway electrification project
  • Start-up and retrofitting of the Kaunas cogeneration plant and the launch of new operations
  • Start-up and commissioning of the waste incineration part of the Vilnius CHP plant
  • Reconstruction of the 80 m high chimney of the Petrašiūnai power plant of Kauno Energija AB

In 2019, the specialists of the public institution “Versli Lietuva”, after analysing the export readiness of TEC Consulting, assessed that the company has all the potential to grow and carry out international projects. “As the company grows and expands, this was a very significant assessment, showing that we are moving in the right direction – we comply with the main standards of international companies, we have partners in foreign markets and a team of specialists with more than 15 years of experience in construction project management in Lithuania and abroad,” says the CEO of TEC Consulting.

In 2020, TEC Consulting joined the Lithuanian Builders’ Association (LSA), and in 2022 – the Lithuanian Heat Suppliers’ Association (LŠTA), and was awarded the title of “TOP company” by Rekvizitai.lt, which is a testimony to the stability of the business.

TEC Consulting’s future plans

Over the last two years, TEC Consulting has built a team for renewable energy projects in the wind and solar energy sector. “We are not going to stop – we have already mastered wind, and all that’s left is solar, water and hydrogen,” says Mr. Andrulionis.

“We also plan to increase the number of qualified specialists and to pay more attention to the training of young professionals. We hope to expand and deepen our footprint in the region’s energy and industrial projects,” says Mr. Biknius.

The secret of the company’s success is simple, he says. “Teamwork and helping each other is our core value, allowing us to solve any issue or problem by applying our combined experience and ingenuity. We have seen this many times over, and today we are delighted with the growing number of projects that demonstrate our efforts and work for the benefit of Lithuania and the region,” says the TEC Consulting sales manager.

TEC Consulting is a member of the TEC Group of companies. In addition to TEC Consulting, the Group has two other design companies, TEC Industry and TEC Infrastructure. The Group’s companies provide design, consultancy, technical supervision, project and construction management and other engineering services for transport infrastructure, industrial and energy facilities.