TEC Consulting to carry out commissioning and testing works of the Kaunas Cogeneration Plant

December 20, 2019

Just recently the commissioning and testing works of the equipment started at the newly built Kaunas Cogeneration Power Plant. These works are jointly carried out by TEC Consulting and the boiler manufacturer Standardkessel Baumgarte teams. Company’s specialists are organizing complete commissioning works of the entire plant: verifying and checking the installed equipment and its readiness for operations after the installation works, testing control and safety systems, later the team will perform protective magnetite layer forming and boiler steam blows to ensure future steam cleanliness. Such a pace is kept up by the fact that the hot commissioning works are started since 11 th December by burning natural gas. Actual waste incineration will also be started before spring – then the operating regimes will be adjusted by monitoring the required boiler parameters. Of course, the team of TEC Consulting also prepares the as-built documentation for the plant.

“The managers of Kaunas Cogeneration Plant had several times mentioned that these works are trusted to a professional ant competent team. We really appreciate such a rating and are carrying out our woks by following high standards. Our specialists have great experience in commissioning works in energy and industrial projects, also in getting them tested and approved by local authorities. We have all the qualification certificates needed to these tasks” – says Andrej Chodžin, Technical Director.

The Cogeneration Power Plant operates a 24 MW electrical power steam turbine with a high-parameter boiler, which uses domestic waste as fuel. Boiler’s thermal power reaches 85 MW (steam pressure – 75 bar (g), steam temperature – 450° C, capacity – 112 t/h). During the commissioning period and before the plant is accepted by the authorities the team of TEC Consulting team is fully responsible for the operation of the boiler equipment. These works will last at least 6 months, and during this time all residents of Kaunas city will likely be able to hear some specific sounds and see steam rising from within the plant limits. All these processes are normal and allows to ensure that the plant is properly prepared for a projected lifetime of at least 20 years. After adjusting the technological processes of the power plant and making sure that the entire equipment is operating as intender in the design, the first domestic waste will be delivered to the Plant. It is expected to happen in February 2020.

It’s planned that the electric power of the high efficiency waste-fired Cogeneration Plant built in Kaunas Free Economic Zone will reach approx 24 MWe, all while providing approx. 70 MWth thermal power to district heating networks of Kaunas city. The power plant will be able to produce about 40 percent of heat demand of Kaunas. The project is implemented by a joint venture company of “Ignitis grupė” and “Fortum” – UAB Kaunas Cogeneration
Power Plant. The total value of the project is around 160 million euros.