TEC Consulting to commence works in Denmark

December 3, 2018

On 5 November, TEC Consulting signed a contract with the German concern Nordzucker AG, under which it will conduct the energy audit of the boiler facilities at Nykøbing sugar plant in Denmark. As the third independent party, the TEC specialists will assess the condition of the steam boilers, analyse the combustion process, and present a report and recommendations on how to enhance energy consumption efficiency and reduce emissions.

“Nykøbing boilers operate on fuel oil. Previously, it was a popular type of reserve fuel, therefore, our specialists hold extensive experience working with the equipment of this kind. The audit will be performed by our certified combustion process specialists and engineers, thus will be considered adequate in accordance with the requirements of the EU Directives,” said Mantas Biknius, Head of Business Development at TEC Consulting.

According to Biknius, the industrial companies need the energy audit not only for the purposes of energy efficiency and environmental aspects, but also because the results are an excellent preventive measure for evaluation of the energy facilities, determining the most vulnerable and highest energy consuming areas, saving time of employees and finding more efficient energy consumption means.

Directive 2012/27/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on energy efficiency was adopted in 2012, which provides that such audits must be regularly conducted in all large companies. The more progressive ones are already performing detailed inspections of the available equipment and plan investments into renewal of their energy facilities. The new standards will apply in the majority of the EU countries from 2021.

This is not the first collaboration between TEC Consulting and Nordzucker AG. TEC Consulting team is currently working on the project of reconstruction of the saturated steam boiler plant of Nordic Sugar Kėdainiai, a company managed by the concern, by providing the project management and operating schedule control services.