TEC Consulting will test the Grid Code

July 10, 2023
UAB TEC Consulting will carry out the Grid Code tests required by AB LitGrid at Vilnius CHP plant this summer. Andrej Khodzhin, Technical Director of TEC Consulting, explains more about the importance of these tests and the money for customers.


Grid code tests – why are they needed?

“Litgrid is the operator of the Lithuanian electricity transmission system, maintaining the stable operation of the country’s electricity system and managing electricity flows. In accordance with Litgrid’s requirements, Grid Code tests are carried out in Lithuania to assess the performance and safety of generators or power plants connected to the electricity grid.

Grid Code tests check whether the generator reaches the operating parameters specified by the manufacturer, assess the reliability of the generator and its ability to generate the amount of electricity required by the grid. “Without such tests, it is impossible to make sure that the generator is safe and reliable,” says Mr Khodzhin.

Helping to ensure a quality electricity supply

“Already this summer, a newly installed generator will be connected to the Lithuanian electricity grid at the Vilnius CHP plant, which will produce about 70 MWh of electricity per hour, which is 50,400 MWh per month. In comparison, if the average household consumer consumes around 200 kWh of electricity per month, the new plant will be able to supply around 250,000 consumers,” shares the Technical Director of TEC Consulting.

According to him, an unreliable or malfunctioning generator of this capacity can cause serious accidents on the electricity grid, which could lead to tens of thousands of consumers losing their electricity supply. The rigorous testing required by the Grid Code improves the overall resilience of the electricity supply system. This means that the system is better prepared for unexpected events, natural disasters or emergencies, and can be restored more quickly, reducing the impact on consumers.

We are pleased to be able to provide such an important service to companies. Are you also interested in the Grid Code testing service? Get in touch  and let us help you find the right solution for you!

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