TEC Groups work with Irish company Maas Aviation

August 13, 2019

The Irish company “Maas Aviation“ has started a construction of aircraft painting hangar in the area of Kaunas Airport. The technical project of this unit has been prepared by the company TEC Industry which is a part of TEC group. The project itself as well as the technical supervision of the unit will be managed by another member of same group, TEC Consulting. The construction itself of the hangar where the aircrafts Airbus and Boeing will be painted, is going to be completed at the end of 2020.

„We are glad that we can support the well-known international company with our performance and knowledge as well as contribute its development in Lithuania. Our company has professional construction project managers, who possess proven experience supervising various construction units abroad. They can speak several foreign languages. Therefore we are in a constant cooperation with the foreign investors“, says Giedrius Andrulionis, CEO of TEC Consulting.

Mr. Andrulionis is joking that TEC Group employees can be considered as the first employees of the company “Maas Aviation“, because the project management team always treat customers as colleagues. That‘s the clue for the successful project management and construction process. At first glance you may think that the construction is the same everywhere. Though the basic project management rules are the same, but every single project, customer and the field itself are unique. Every time you need to get deeper into the specific questions. For example, the team of this project had to go deeper into the technology of the painting of the aircraft and even into air navigation peculiarities“, says G. Andrulionis.

The upcoming hangar of “Maas Aviation“ is supposed to be 20 meters tall and cover 4860 sq. m area. Two aircrafts can be painted simultaneously there. As a result, it is feasible to paint 25 „Airbus 320“ and 50 „Boeing 737“ aircrafts per year.

TEC Consulting provides full project management service related to construction: preparation of feasibility studies, project schedule, budget and risk assessment preparation and management, quality assurance, construction site management, as well as project and documentation alignment with the state institutions. Technical project and construction supervision services are also offered by the Company.

TEC Industry makes designs for industrial and energy facilities and provides other engineering services. The client companies are located in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Denmark, and Norway.