TEC Industry has completed the installation of an absorption heat pump in the Jurbarkas boiler house

April 29, 2024

TEC Industry has successfully completed its work on the heat pump installation project at the boiler house in Jurbarkas. The project is carried out by Kauno Energija AB in order to increase the reliability of the existing smoke condensing economizer and its equipment in biomass boilers 3 and 4, as well as to improve the overall energy efficiency of these boilers. The project included the installation of an absorption heat pump with a second stage smoke condensing economizer and other necessary equipment. TEC Industry provided technical design services for the project and project supervision services during construction. The main objectives of the project were energy efficiency and increased reliability of the boilers, reduction of fuel consumption, lower heat prices for consumers and reduced CO2 emissions. Before starting the work, the TEC Industry team thoroughly familiarised itself with the project objectives, analysed the requirements, verified the basic design data (water, wastewater, and other qualitative and quantitative indicators) and commissioned all the necessary studies for a smooth operation. In the preparation of the detailed design, it was important to design the project for a type of construction that would require the least possible cost and time to implement. The technical work design was developed using the equipment and products of AXIS Tech UAB (contractor). During its preparation, all parts of the project were coordinated with the builder, Kauno Energija AB, and during construction, the project was supervised.

According to the technical work design prepared by TEC Industry, the Jurbarkas boiler house was equipped with a 0.7 MW absorption heat pump with a second stage smoke condensing economiser, thus increasing energy efficiency and reliability. The economizer and absorption heat pump system of AXIS Tech UAB enables the recovery of additional heat from a low temperature potential heat source. The driving force behind this technology is not electricity, but heat with a high temperature potential. This type of equipment not only increases the efficiency of the boiler plant and saves fuel, but also brings significant benefits to society. It reduces the cost of thermal energy to consumers and also reduces CO2 emissions to the environment.

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