TEC Industry members on the mission trip in the UAE: ‘One of the best team building tools’

April 11, 2022
TEC Group has completed more than 800 projects in Lithuania and abroad. Recently, TEC specialists swapped their usual working environment for the sunny scenery of the United Arab Emirates. The team had the opportunity to take part in a project that brought together as many as 400 professionals from all over the world. TEC Industry members Vytenis Praninskas, Project Manager, Ernesta Aglinskaitė, Assistant Project Manager, and Donatas Čerkevičius, Business Development Manager, share their impressions of the professional trip.


A large team of experts and professional development

The project is currently in an active phase and is expected to have up to 2 000 employees working on the project at its peak. ‘We started with a first mission to meet the project partner and then visited the UAE-based TEC Industry team, which includes a number of specialists from various fields: project manager, HVAC, structural, architectural, electrical, water supply and wastewater and other project specialists and managers,’ says D. Čerkevičius. ‘We got to know our foreign colleagues better, with whom we are already working and will be working on a large and important project for many years to come,’ adds Ms. Aglinskaitė.

As the project is now in full swing, its full benefits can only be fully appreciated in the future, but the TEC Industry team is already enjoying the experience and the opportunity to develop their professional skills. ‘This project is a unique opportunity to work with professionals from a different culture and experience. I have improved my own English, teamwork and communication skills, I have been willing to share my knowledge with others and I have gained ideas on how to deal with different documentation more efficiently,’ shares the Assistant Project Manager.

The Business Development Specialist Donatas Čerkevičius says that when working in a large international team, it is crucial to be united and meet the expectations of your partners. ‘I am responsible for the successful cooperation between the two companies, as well as the commercial and contract execution part, so when I arrive in another country I have to adapt to the environment, cultural differences, etc., but it is a pleasure. The most important thing is to always believe in the competence and strength of the company, the employees and yourself – then you will definitely succeed.’

Fascinating cultural differences

‘The UAE is a completely different culture, a different landscape, a different style and impression. Dubai impressed me with its architecture, modernity, luxury and lights. Those tall glass buildings, the architects’ amazing ideas that have been realised – you have to see it once with your own eyes,’ says Ms. Aglinskaitė. She adds that instead of the usual greenery in Lithuania, it was unusual to see so many skyscrapers. ‘I’m used to Europe’s historical heritage, old architecture and so on, so the modern building structures and modern ideas left a lasting impression on me.’

Vytenis Praninskas, the Project manager, says that while working in Sharjah, he noticed that the city is a bit more closed than his native Kaunas or more austere than the glittering Dubai seen on postcards. ‘At first it was not easy to change the environment and the rhythm of life,’ he says, ‘but gradually I got used to it and now I am here for the 4th time in the last 4 months.’

TEC Industry team members have faced challenges in the host country, which have given them valuable experience and taught them to be more patient and empathetic towards colleagues. ‘Nowadays, it is very important not only to be an expert in your field, to be able to understand international and local partners, but also to be ready to overcome all obstacles and solve problems,’ states the Business Development Specialist Čerkevičius.

When asked if they miss Lithuania, TEC Industry team members unanimously say that they do, but their homesickness is brightened by the team’s support. ‘It was my fourth time in Dubai, but this time was unique because we were with a group of motivated, friendly colleagues, so it was more cozy and fun. Plus, we swapped the cold climate of Lithuania for sunny scenery and had dinner under a palm tree the very next evening,’ smiles Mr. Čerkevičius. The smooth integration into the local culture and working environment was also due to the fact that the foreign partners made sure that ‘we felt as comfortable as possible in the foreign country and that nothing would interfere with our work’, rejoices