TEC Industry presented its activities at the event “WANTed Career Days 2022” at KTU

November 14, 2022
KTU “WANTed Career Days 2022” is an event organised by Kaunas University of Technology for students, pupils and companies for contacts and career planning, which has so far helped thousands of students to successfully enter the labour market, and representatives of companies to find talented and motivated employees and trainees. This year, for the first time, the event was attended by industry and energy engineering experts, TEC Industry. The company’s Commercial Director, Donatas Čerkevičius, and Process and HR Manager, Lina Pocienė, share their impressions of the event.


Invited to learn about meaningful projects

TEC Industry came to the event organised by KTU to present the activities carried out by the TEC group of companies and to showcase the projects implemented by the team. “Our goal was to meet as many motivated Lithuanian students and schoolchildren as possible and to introduce them to the mission, vision and values of the TEC Group. The latter are focused on creating value for Lithuanian and foreign clients by implementing engineering projects that turn into constructions that improve the life of society,” says Mr. Čerkevičius. His colleague Lina adds that the aim was to show young people how meaningful engineering projects can be and to encourage them to get to know TEC Industry’s activities up close by doing an internship at the company.

The event provided an opportunity for high school students, graduates and school pupils interested in the future trends of the labour market to see TEC Industry’s latest completed and ongoing projects, as well as the clients of which the Group is proud. According to TEC Industry’s Commercial Director, “The gathered people were actively interested in how many KTU graduates work in the company and in what fields, and what are the prospects for each field. The students were also interested in what software TEC engineers work with.” The head of the company’s processes and personnel notes that an equally relevant question for the students was what kind of work starts a career at TEC Industry. “I am glad that young people are interested, not afraid to ask questions and discuss,” says Ms. Pocienė.

TEC Industry is happy to welcome curious and adventurous young people to its team

“The event was well organised – we had a lot of interest in our stand. Today’s students are brave and know what they want, so it was a pleasure to interact with them and tell them about career opportunities at TEC Industry”, says Mr. Čerkevičius.

A large number of KTU graduates are already working in the TEC Group of companies, but more motivated personalities who want to enter the field of engineering and project management are very welcome. Here, young professionals not only have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice by developing and implementing various types of projects, but also to deepen their knowledge in international projects.

“We invite you to apply and contribute to the development and modernisation of Lithuania’s energy and industrial sector – we always welcome curious, courageous individuals who want to become experienced experts in their field,” says Commercial Director Donatas Čerkevičius. “We are currently actively looking for structural project managers, HVAC engineers, project managers, plumbing and wastewater designers,” says Lina Pocienė, TEC Industry’s Process and Personnel Manager.

UAB TEC Industry is a member of the TEC Group of companies, which also includes UAB TEC Infrastructure and UAB TEC Consulting. The Group’s companies provide design, consulting, technical supervision, project and construction management and other engineering services for transport infrastructure, industrial and energy facilities.