TEC Industry starts work on LTG Cargo’s production modernisation project

August 25, 2022
LTG Cargo AB, a rail freight transport company, is implementing a project to modernise its production operations, to which the TEC Industry team is contributing, together with its French partner EGIS. Donatas Čerkevičius, Business Development Manager at TEC Industry, talks about the project.


The aim is to expand the profile of available services and modernise operations

LTG Cargo’s locomotive repair depot is currently located in the central part of Vilnius, next to the railway station. One of the main tasks of the project is to relocate the production base from the centre of Vilnius (12 Geležinkelio St. and 39 Švitrigailos St.) to the territory of the Vaidotai railway station.

“LTG Cargo, looking to the future, wishes to have the technology and capacity to repair and service locomotives that meet new standards and are widely used in Europe at the new depot. According to LTG’s CEO Egidijus Lazauskas, the depot will also be adapted for the repair of rolling stock and electric locomotives with a European gauge of 1435 mm. The relocation of the locomotive repair depot to Vaidotai is also expected to create around 400 jobs.

The transformation of the station area under the Vilnius Connect project will transform the central part of the city into an attractive place of work, leisure and entertainment for the public. In addition, Vilnius Railway Station will become an even bigger visitor attraction with the construction of the Rail Baltica section through Lithuania.

“From Vilnius you will be able to reach Warsaw, Riga, Perm or Tallinn, so we want the station to become the new city gateway representing Vilnius and Lithuania. Together with the city, we will try to create a modern and high-quality public transport infrastructure and spaces that are convenient for travelling and staying,” says Mr. Lazauskas.

The work will be carried out by specialists from Lithuania and France

TEC Industry, together with the French company EGIS, formed a consortium and won the tender launched by LTG Cargo.

“First of all, we have the task of analysing the activities of the depot currently located in the centre of Vilnius – which locomotives are being repaired, how many are being repaired, what technologies and equipment are being used, and how all the processes work. After analysing this information, we will present our concept and proposals to LTG Cargo,” shares Mr. Čerkevičius.

According to him, once the existing equipment has been analysed, its suitability for the newly designed depot has been assessed and the design brief has been precisely agreed, the design work will be undertaken. “Together with the team, we will prepare a project that will allow us to start the construction of the new depot,” he adds.

The depot is currently being used for locomotive repair and maintenance activities, so monitoring and analysis of the activities is ongoing at this stage.

“Our French colleagues have a lot of global experience in this field – they have designed depots in various countries. They are currently monitoring and analysing how Lithuanians are working in the depot. The EGIS team will then design the optimal process, select the recommended technologies, equipment, etc. Once the plan for the repair process has been approved, we will be able to start designing a modern repair depot in Vaidotai from scratch on the new territory,” says the business development specialist. It is planned that a team of more than 10 specialists from different fields will work on the project in the future.

TEC Industry specialists will be responsible for this work:

  1. Preparation of the rolling stock maintenance and repair (production) technology project;
  2. Design of structures for the production technology project;
  3. Expert services, consultancy for the purchase and installation of standard and customized special workshop equipment;
  4. Supervision of the execution of the construction project.

The design work is expected to be completed in December 2023.

TEC Industry is part of the TEC Group, which also includes TEC Infrastructure and TEC Consulting. The group provides design, consulting, maintenance, project and construction management and other engineering services for transport infrastructure, industrial and energy facilities.