TEC Infrastructure carried out general technical supervision of contract works

October 23, 2023
Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator “Litgrid” has upgraded a 61 km long 330 kV power transmission line from the 330 kV switchyard of the Lithuanian Power Plant in Elektrėnai to the Alytus transformer substation. In this project, TEC Infrastructure, a member of the TEC Group, ensured technical supervision of the general reconstruction works. The value of the project that was completed on 1 September 2023 amounted to 23 million EUR incl. VAT.


The course of reconstruction project

TEC Infrastructure ensured a smooth technical supervision of general reconstruction works that included the works of replacement of all the supports of this line: a total of 184 supports were replaced into new metal ones. During the reconstruction, the structures of the supports were dismantled, new foundations were installed, metal galvanised supports were installed, the cables were laid and the lightning protection cable with a fibre optic cable was installed.

The works started in September 2020 and today we are pleased to see the results. The 61 km long power transmission line stretches over 4 municipalities of Lithuania: Elektrėnai (16.2 km), Kaišiadorys District (6 km), Prienai (16 km) and Alytus District (22.4 km). This project was exceptional for the TEC Group as our involvement had to be quick and we had to join the project when the construction was already in progress. Another challenge of this project was the weather. When laying power transmission line, some sections were impassable due to wet meadows and marshes, therefore, we had to wait for a colder season to ensure smoother transportation of materials.

The new power transmission line will ensure the security and reliability of electricity supply

It is crucial to ensure a smooth and continuous transmission of energy to the consumers, as storing of electricity in large quantities is impossible and it must be produced and supplied in real time. The reconstruction of this power transmission line will significantly contribute to the reliability of the power transmission network and will allow to ensure a more stable electricity supply for the consumers of this region and the entire Lithuania.

In the course of the project, TEC Infrastructure had to control compliance with the requirements that would ensure security both for the public and the environment.

According to Miron Čebatul, the Technical Supervision Manager of general construction works at TEC Infrastructure, during the construction works, it was necessary to control that the progress and the results of the construction of the building would be in line with the construction design, and the fertile upper layer of soil would be excavated and stored in the course of construction, and returned to the original site after the completion of works, in order to restore the former condition of the territory. In order not to disturb the life of birds in ornithological reserve areas, reconstruction works were not carried out in these sections from April 1 to August 1. In the territories where the power transmission line is close to the residential areas, fixing of cables as high as possible was ensured according to the technical possibilities.

UAB TEC Infrastructure belongs to the TEC Group, which also includes TEC Industry and TEC Consulting. The companies of the Group provide design, consulting, technical supervision, project and construction management and other engineering services for transport infrastructure, industry and energy objects.