TEC Infrastructure certified for engineering and technical supervision works in Belarus

March 5, 2019

While keeping the direction of service exports, TEC Infrastructure is taking another step forward – after almost a year lasting process the company received all the required certificates to provide engineering and technical supervision services in the category of first (top) category buildings at the end of February. The company is also entitled to be a general designer.

“We have been treating Belarus as a potential market for a long time, and our specialists are currently working on the reconstruction of the Sloboda-Papernia road section in the Minsk region, funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The EBRD is planning to finance more infrastructure sector objects, so we see a number of opportunities to offer our services in atypical projects” says Arūnas Ruokis, CEO of TEC Infrastructure.

“The certification process means many specific requirements for professionals and the company itself. It is interesting that not only employed specialists but also the company itself has to be certified in Belarus – it has long been abolished in Lithuania. The amount of documents and information provided, as well as their compliance with Belarusian legislation was a great challenge. Representatives of the Belarusian attestation body came to attest our company’s specialists, to check the documents and the qualifications of our specialists. We have no doubt that the process will be successful, even though it took 11 months” says A. Ruokis.

Currently, TEC Infrastructure in Belarus provides consultancy services for the reconstruction of the 14.77 km P-80 Sloboda-Papernia road section in Minsk region. Road reconstruction is carried out under the terms and conditions of the FIDIC pink book. TEC Infrastructure specialists advice and recommend FIDIC Engineer and the Client (RUE Minskavtodor-Center) for construction work and report to the EBRD that finances the project.

TEC Infrastructure is a part of the TEC Group of companies, which employs 98 people, of which nearly 80 are qualified professionals.