TEC Infrastructure’s new project: a bridge between Nemunas Island and Aleksotas

December 11, 2023
TEC Infrastructure, together with KILD architects, has won the tender for the design and supervision of the pedestrian bridge from Nemunas Island to Aleksotas. The technical design of the bridge has been completed and the building permit has been obtained, and construction is expected to start next year, which is expected to take about two years, says project coordinator Andrius Indriliūnas. Project manager Giedrius Danielius, Romas Dulieba, head of the project’s construction organisation section, and KILD architects provide more details about the project’s progress and plans.


Pedestrian and bicycle bridge between Nemunas sala and Aleksotas

At the end of 2021, TEC Infrastructure, together with KILD architects, successfully developed and implemented a 73-metre-long bridge project connecting Karaliaus Mindaugas Avenue with Nemunas Island. Now, an even bigger challenge awaits – to finally connect the two banks of the Nemunas with a 280-metre-long bridge between Nemunas Island and Aleksotas. “The construction of a bridge of this size will require exceptional preparation from the contracting companies, as well as exceptional technical capabilities in terms of production, transport and installation. The steel bridge is to be assembled in parts at a time, with construction taking place on both banks of the Nemunas. As the bridge is assembled segment by segment, the ends of the bridge will approach each other, and once the central part is assembled, it will form the new Kaunas city link – the most modern pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Lithuania,” says Romas Dulieba, Head of the Construction Works Organisation Department of the TEC Infrastructure project.

“The new bridge, together with the existing bridge between Nemunas Island and Karaliaus Mindaugas Avenue, will form a common composition and create an important pedestrian and cyclist link – the Aleksotas bank will be closer to public life in the centre of Kaunas,” KILD architects share their insights. An alternative route will be created between Aleksotas, Nemunas Island and Kaunas city centre. By choosing the new pedestrian bridge, Kaunas residents will be able to shorten their journey to the opposite side of the Nemunas by up to 1.5 km. This will give people more opportunities to switch from polluting vehicles to walking, cycling or scootering.

“The project will include the construction of bridge accesses with public spaces, lighting and storm water networks. Construction works will start on the left side of the Nemunas River, but before starting the project implementation works, it will be necessary to adjust the position of the route of the domestic sewage disposal networks belonging to UAB Kauno vandenys,” Giedrius Danielius, Project Manager of TEC Infrastructure, further explains the project progress.

Two terraces under the bridge itself have been designed between the structures of Nemunas Island and Aleksotas Bridge, which will be used for various events. “The bridge structures will be adapted to accommodate a cinema screen or other stage equipment, so that concerts, film screenings, student lectures can take place here, and in rainy weather the bridge will act as a shelter, which is particularly important for public spaces in our climate zone,” the KILD architects team presents its vision (P. Išora, D. Daunys, I. Ksnelashvili).

The bridge has no piers in the river and has a visually permeable design and arched silhouette, so that it does not visually obstruct the visibility of the public spaces and the riverside. “The bridge has a slightly arched spatial structure, which allows for a very thin bridge deck over the river. This way, the valuable surrounding landscape and Kaunas Old Town are not obstructed, while at the same time allowing navigation on the Nemunas,” adds Romas Dulieba, a member of the TEC Infrastructure team.

The bridge project was nominated in the National Architecture Awards in the category of the best public open space project.

Development of the Nemunas Island and the left bank of the Nemunas

The future bridge is of particular importance for the projects already under development or in the pipeline in the area. The new district of Kaunas Nemunaičiai is located right next to the bank of the Nemunas River, so the future bridge from Aleksotas to Nemunas Island will significantly improve the accessibility of the residents to the right bank of the Nemunas River – allowing easy access to the city centre, the Old Town and Nemunas Island.

A 3.3 ha area is being developed next to Nemunaičiai, which will offer leisure, service, residential and office space. Preparations are already underway for the start of the project, and the development is expected to take place in phases until 2027.

The new neighbourhoods are joined by the “I See Kaunas” project, which is being developed by YIT Lietuva, which plans to build two apartment blocks on Aleksotas Hill in the first phase, with as many as 30 hundred residential units expected to be built in the next decade.

On the left bank of the Nemunas River, the main road network of H. and O. Minkovskiai Street. The reconstruction will make the M.K. Čiurlionis Concert Centre easily accessible and design work is currently underway. A pedestrian and bicycle bridge designed by TEC Infrastructure and KILD architects will provide people with quick and easy access to the M.K. Čiurlionis Concert Centre and its events from the centre.

The Science and Innovation Centre ” Science Island ” is being built on the island of Nemunas, and the new bridge between the island and Aleksotas will create a new connection to the centre, making ” Science Island ” directly accessible from Aleksotas.

TEC Infrastructure is part of the TEC Group, which also includes TEC Industry and TEC Consulting. The group provides design, consulting, maintenance, project and construction management and other engineering services for transport infrastructure, industrial and energy facilities.