The Bridge over the Tenenys River has been renovated

June 30, 2020

The renovation of the bridge over the Tenenys River in Šilutė district has been completed according to the concept and detail designs prepared by TEC Infrastructure. By the order if the commission of the Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications a complete reconstruction of the bridge was designed and implemented: the decking structure and abutment supports were changed, and the new pile foundations of the bridge were constructed.

According to Marius Muralius, the design part manager of TEC Infrastructure who led this project, the decking of the old bridge was severely damaged by the environmental exposure – water leaked through the drainage gutters and deformation seams, which destroyed the protective concrete layers of the supports and decking causing corrosion of the reinforcement. “It has been decided to reconstruct the bridge fundamentally by replacing the reinforced concrete decking with a composite (steel-concrete) one. The new bridge will be safe and will last for decades” – he adds.

The detail design for this object has been prepared in the BIM environment. The detailed 3D model allowed the contractor to order precise quantities of building materials fast, examine more complex bridge mounting assemblies, and to transmit the information on steel beams to the manufacturer without further preparation – they have been prepared according to the 3D .ifc model. Smooth sharing of up-to-date information between all project participants (customer, contractor, production, and suppliers) is just one of the advantages of the BIM environment. “The project prepared using the BIM method is very clear: the components of the bridge and other structures are visible in the 3D model down to the smallest detail, and the exchange of information in the CDE environment is an excellent prevention of any errors” – M. Muralius lists the advantages of BIM.

TEC Infrastructure, which designs transport infrastructure objects, works with the latest and most advanced 3D modelling and structural calculation software: Tekla, Bentley, Autodesk, MIDAS, Solidworks, Nemetschek, GEO5, which is also adapted for the development of BIM models. The company together with TEC Industry and TEC Consulting belongs to the TEC Group of Companies, providing design, technical project supervision and construction project management services in the fields of industry, energy and transport.