The largest solar farm in the Baltic States is in Anyksciai

May 24, 2024

In Anyksciai, the largest solar power park in the Baltic States has started to operate, and the TEC Consulting team contributed to its installation. The park near Vasuokenai was established by subsidiary of European Energy in Lithuania – the renewable energy company European Energy Lithuania. After energizing the park, the construction completion process has started, and when there is more intense sunlight, with sufficient energy generation, electrical tests will be carried out by Litgrid, the operator of the electricity transmission system in Lithuania. This power park is one of the most innovative solar energy projects in the Baltic States. The battery modules mounted on a rotatable metal structure can be rotated according to the direction of light movement and thus collect the energy of both the morning and evening sun. The bi-directional rotating module system will increase the efficiency of the park and will allow generating even 20 percent more electricity than fixed frames that can only be directed in one direction.

TEC Consulting provides construction consulting services

TEC Consulting, representing the contractor company SUNOTEC in the Anyksciai solar power park project, is pleased to contribute to this project. During the installation of the park, the company provided consulting services for construction works: it dealt with the technical issues, participated in the process of construction and electrical works, responsible for their quality and its assurance. Also, together with the clients and other project participants, the company prepared the necessary documentation, took care of its submission and supervised other issues that arose during the project.

About 90.000 households may be provided with electricity in the year    

More than 140 solar panels installed on more than 120 hectares of land – parks of such size with tracker technology do not yet exist in the Baltic countries. The park’s instantaneous capacity will be 65 MW. Anyksciai solar power park is expected to generate more than 95.000 MWh per year – this amount of electricity is expected to meet the power needs of nearly 90.000 householders throughout the year. Commercial power generation is expected to start this spring when all the necessary tests have been completed. The new solar plant will be the first that Litgrid will connect to its electricity transmission system.

Good investment environment in Lithuania

A good investment environment and the adopted renewable energy law create extremely favorable conditions for the development of similar type of projects in Lithuania and the installation of more high-quality renewable energy facilities. Every successful project of this kind brings Lithuania closer to one of the main strategic goals of the country – to produce as much electricity as it consumes from 2030, and the consumption will increase over time. The park opened in Anykščiai is a great step forward in order to increase local electricity generation. It is hoped that further development will be just as successful.

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