The new intersection of Liepkalnis, Žirniai streets and Minsk highway is designed by TEC Infrastructure

January 1, 2020

At order of municipal company Vilniaus Planas, TEC Infrastructure starts preparing a working design of Liepkalnis, Žirniai streets and Minsk highway in Vilnius, as well as detailed technical solutions for the implementation thereof. The company also prepares a working design of engineering networks (rainwater, lighting, water supply and wastewater disposal, electronic communications, gas supply, traffic light regulation) and nearly 1.7 km of support walls. TEC Infrastructure prepared also technical designs for these reconstruction parts.

“This intersection has remained one of those due to which the Western Bypass is jammed in the direction of Minsk. Residents of adjacent expanding residential districts spend quite much time in traffic jams, whereas after the reconstruction not only they, but also the whole city will get some relief”, says Mantas Markevičius, Project Manager, Coordinator of TEC Infrastructure. The location of the object is complicated in terms of engineering communications due to densely built-up territory. We will definitely face a lot of challenges which we are determined to solve expeditiously in order to ensure adequate traffic capacity also during the whole reconstruction period”.

The intersection of Liepkalnis and Žirniai streets and Minsk highway will be reconstructed into a two-level intersection. Four traffic lanes and over 800m-long section of Žirniai street and Minsk highway will appear in a tunnel, and above them, a traffic-light junction in Liepkalnis street will be installed. More than 23m-long and 78m- wide viaduct will be built in the intersection. This intersection is daily crossed by more than 60 thousand vehicles.

It has been planned that during the reconstruction of these streets and the intersection, about 2.2 km of the carriageway surface will be put in order, 1.5 km of water supply , 918 m of wastewater network will be reconstructed, 8.3 km of lighting cables will be laid, about 5.3 km of rain water networks will be installed, and a 1.7km-long support wall will be erected.

Partners of TEC Infrastructure in this project are Inžineriniai Projektai UAB and Tinklų Projektai MB. Over EUR8 million will be allocated for the project implementation by Vilnius City Municipality, whereas the remaining EUR 22 million – by the Government. The project is planned to be implemented by the end of 2020.