The Detail Design for Reconstruction and Overhaul of Three Streets of Alytus City is under Preparation

May 13, 2020

The company TEC Infrastructure begins the preparation of the detail design or the stage I of the reconstruction of Ulonų, Pulko and Santaikos streets in Alytus. The reconstruction works of two intersections of Pulko streets are planned at this stage – the four-way intersections will be reconstructed into roundabouts. The detail design is being prepared according to the concept of the whole reconstruction and overhaul of Ulonų, Pulko and Santaikos streets prepared by TEC Infrastructure at the end of 2018. The specialists of the company will also provide the services of the supervision of the execution of this project.

The concept of Ulonų, Pulko and Santaikos streets provides for the reconstruction of about 5.5 km of streets in total, the construction or reconstruction of pedestrian and bicycle paths, sidewalks as well as the construction of four roundabouts.

The concept has been prepared for five stages. Stage I – the reconstruction of Ulonų – Pulko – Santaikos str. and Rūtų – Pulko – Gardino str. into roundabouts; stage II – the project for the reconstruction of the part of Ulonų str. (the length of the street is around 880 m) as well as a pedestrian and bicycle path and a tiled sidewalk are intended to be constructed. Stage III – the reconstruction of the remaining part of Ulonų str. (the length of the street is around 768 m), its connection to the existing street and the paths and sidewalks have been designed. Stage IV provides for the project of the part of Santaikos str. (the length of the street is around 1200 m) and the construction of the connecting street (around 182 m). A tiled pavement, pedestrian and bicycle paths with asphalt paving are also designed here. The final stage – the construction of the remaining part of Santaikos str. to the administrative boundary of the city (the length of the street is around 1237 m) and the connecting street (around 680 m): pedestrian and bicycle path with asphalt paving as well as the connection to the existing street.

“We are well acquainted with the object and the infrastructure of Alytus city, because we prepared its concept. We are glad that the preparation of the detail design will not take long and the residents and guests of Alytus will be able to use the tidy streets little by little” – comments Andrius Indriliūnas, the project manager of TEC Infrastructure.

The company TEC Infrastructure has been working in the field of transport infrastructure for 17 years. Its specialists have designed many similar objects in the territories of city municipalities: Tvirtovės str. in Alytus, Kairių str. (western road), the project of Baltijos ave. and Minijos str., the projects of the intersection of Baltijos ave. with Taikos ave. and the intersection of Baltijos ave. with Šilutės pl. in Klaipėda, the reconstruction projects of the road A14 (Kupiškio str.) in Utena, two-level intersection with railway in Aušros street in Marijampolė city and others.

TEC Infrastructure is part of the TEC Group of Companies which also includes the companies TEC Industry and TEC Consulting. The companies of the Group provide design, consulting, supervision, project and construction management and other engineering services for transport infrastructure and industrial objects as well as energy facilities.