Quality Policy

The TEC Group in order to fulfill their commitments to customers, partners, suppliers, employees and shareholders, with a clear understanding that the future depends on the decisions we make today and the actions we take now, is taking responsibility:

1. To provide the client with high-quality services that meet his needs and requirements, the company’s obligations and legal and other regulatory enactments;

2. Identify and understand customer expectations, assess customer perceptions and implement possible measures to increase customer satisfaction;

3. Maintain long-term relationships with suppliers and partners based on the principles of mutually beneficial cooperation, respect and equality;

4. Select contractors and suppliers who can implement the Group’s quality, environmental and occupational safety and policy requirements;

5. To seek economically justified possibilities to apply the concepts of sustainable development in order to ensure the conservation of energy, material and natural resources and the reduction of waste generation in daily and engineering activities;

6. To maintain and improve the quality, environmental protection and occupational safety and health management system in accordance with the procedural approach, taking into account the risks and requirements of LST EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards and related legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, to allocate sufficient funds for unified system maintenance;

7. To continuously improve the level of environmental, safety and health safety in the activities, systems and services of enterprises;

8. To ensure compliance with the legal requirements applicable to the Group’s activities;

9. To develop personal responsibility of employees for the quality of work performed and environmental protection throughout the value chain, to encourage suppliers, subcontractors and customers to follow international environmental standards;

10. Raise employee motivation and skills to create added value for our customers and businesses through continuous learning and development;

11. To ensure healthy and safe working conditions and social guarantees by developing habits of safe culture and continuous improvement;

12. Identify accident prevention and keep under review possible trends in order to prevent future accidents;

13. To conduct regular audits of the activities of the group companies and to provide recommendations for improvement opportunities during the evaluation analysis;

14. Constantly review the policy provisions, keep it relevant, setting new goals and objectives to ensure continuous improvement and effectiveness.