Concept and detail design

We prepare pre-design solutions, technical and work projects for industrial, energy, transport infrastructure and other objects as well as drawings for production. Our objects:

  • Bridges, viaducts, trestles;
  • Roads and streets;
  • Railways, their junctions, crossings, tunnels;
  • Intersections;
  • Other structures of transport infrastructure (road safety measures; underground passages; pedestrian and bicycle paths; infrastructure for people with disabilities; animal crossings over roads; retaining and sound walls; noise reduction and air pollution abatement measures; other environmental measures on the roads);
  • Energy objects (up to 400 MW);
  • Industrial buildings, their internal and technological systems;
  • Buildings for medical purposes;
  • Logistics centres;
  • Other industrial objects: hangars and etc.;
  • Cultural heritage objects;
  • Outdoor engineering networks (heat, gas, water supply, sewage networks);
  • Electrical, automation and fire alarm systems;
  • Technological, installation and isometric pipelines;
  • Water management objects: water supply and sewage networks, wastewater treatment equipment, water conditioning equipment;
  • Outdoor and indoor water supply systems for settlements, transport infrastructure objects, treatment equipment and internal networks of buildings (fire water supply, domestic sewerage, rainwater drainage, filtration, pumping stations, drainage).

We adapt the design documentation provided by equipment manufacturers or foreign partners according to the norms and legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

The experience and qualifications of our engineers, designers, architects and project managers, operation using the latest computer-aided computing, design and drawing software, guarantee the quality of our works and smooth communication with our Clients.