Construction supervision

Our team performs technical supervision of the construction works for the new construction, reconstruction, major or ordinary repairs at all types of objects:

  • Non-residential buildings (storage, manufacturing, industrial, garages, etc.);
  • Transport communications (roads, streets, railways, etc.);
  • Engineering networks (heat, oil, gas, water supply, sewage, electricity, telecommunications, etc.)
  • Industrial and energy buildings;
  • Cultural heritage objects;
  • Nuclear energy objects;
  • Other engineering structures.

We can perform the functions of the general construction maintenance supervisor: to control the compliance with the requirements of the structure design, construction contract, laws and other legal acts, to supervise that the construction works are performed in accordance with the structure design, to control the quality of construction products and equipment used during the constructions.

Construction maintenance specialists inspect the quality and extent of the carried out construction works, inform the client about the carried out construction works, participate in testing and recognition of engineering networks, engineering systems, equipment and structures as suitable for use, prepare the documents for the acceptance of the structure as suitable for use and participate in the process of the acceptance of the structure as suitable for use.

For projects contracted under FIDIC terms, we perform construction maintenance in accordance with FIDIC requirements.