Construction project management

Our objective is to manage the project responsibly as well as to assist the Clients in finding the best solutions before, during and after the construction of an object in order to complete the construction at the agreed time.

We can help you at every stage of your construction project:

  • At the identification stage – to conduct feasibility studies, provide engineering, financing, contracting, environmental, legal and other services for timely decision making;
  • At the initiation stage – to define the project’s objectives and guidelines, prepare a preliminary schedule and budget of a project;
  • At the planning stage – to establish a budget, work schedule, project management structure, organise procurement, manage quality through contracting, develop a risk management plan;
  • At the implementation stage – to provide comprehensive engineering and design services, legal consultations, integrated implementation management and efficient construction management. To assist in the selection of contractors, preparation of works contracts, coordination of deadlines, work execution schedules, control of project implementation schedule and budget, co-ordination of execution of works at the site, and supervision of their quality, ensuring the compliance with occupational safety and environmental requirements.
  • At completion – to perform the procedures for transferring the object to public authorities, coordinate final settlements with contractors, manage construction completion and warranty claims, prepare reports.



Your constructions will not require a general contractor – we can assist in managing the project from the preparation of documents, selection of suppliers and contractors to the completion of constructions and production start-up.

Our specialists will help you to:

  • Prepare documents for project investment;
  • Select a team;
  • Coordinate the design works and prepare the technical project;
  • Select contractors;
  • Manage and coordinate the contract works and processes;
  • Acquire the equipment;
  • Assess and manage project risks;
  • Control the budget and schedule of the project implementation;
  • Control the quality of the works performed;
  • Ensure the compliance with the occupational safety requirements by applying “5 step” and “Lock” systems;
  • Comply with the environmental requirements;
  • Manage the construction site;
  • Carry out the construction completion works: to prepare the documents required for transferring and exploitation of the object.

We can help with the works that are necessary at the earliest stages of the project: to commission the engineering surveys, to assess the energy needs of the object, to prepare the conditions for connection to the engineering networks or design tasks, to inform the public about the future object, to prepare pre-design proposals of the structure, to organise environmental impact assessment procedures.