Expertise of roads, bridges and other road structures

The essential characteristic of a building is to meet the essential requirements for buildings set out in Regulation (EU) No 305/2011, as well as the normative quality and other requirements laid down in the legislation, throughout its lifetime.

We carry out planned and repeated assessments of the existing condition of bridges and other road structures (structural surveys) in accordance with STR 1.03.01:2016 ” Structural surveys. Structural failure”. The assessment shall record and assess the damage to the structures of the structure, their influence on the possible emergency condition of the structure, their prevalence and the reasons for their occurrence. It also determines the load-bearing capacity of the structure, the defects, their possible spread, the need for repair/reconstruction works and the necessity of a structural expertise.

These surveys indicate whether a structural expertise is required.

If the defects identified in the condition assessment are substantial, we may carry out a general or partial structural expertise of bridges and other road structures in accordance with CTR 1.04.04:2017 “Design of Structure. Design expertise“, Chapter IX, Section 5. It shall assess the existing or newly constructed structure, its compliance with the essential requirements for structures laid down in Regulation (EU) No 305/2011, the normative quality of the structure and other requirements laid down in the construction legislation. In the event of an accident or emergency condition of the building, we shall indicate the causes and possible consequences of these events.

In the course of the assessment or expertise of the existing condition of the building, we carry out:

  • Structural surveys (by destructive and non-destructive methods);
  • Static and dynamic tests of structures;
  • Determination of the load-bearing capacity (by empirical calculations or tests);
  • Structural monitoring.

Timely structural surveys allow proper planning of expenditure to improve the condition of structures