The experience of the TEC group – at the world‘s most famous BIM conference

February 5, 2020

On 4th of February TEC Infrastructure’s Head of Bridge Department Domas Čėsna shared the company’s experience on successful project management by utilising BIM at the world‘s most famous BIM conference “InfraBIM Open 2020”.

To the participants of the conference D. Čėsna introduced the overpass over the railway project in Mažeikiai. He also presented the challenges TEC Infrastructure team had faced and concluded the opportunities and benefits for all parties working with BIM.

We are happy to share the presentation of D. Čėsna.

You can find more information about railway operpass in Mažeikiai here.

“InfraBIM Open” is the most unique open BIM event in the world. First InfraBIM Open was held in 2018. In 2020 the conference had attracted more than 500 participants from around the world, the programme included more than 60 presentations from 23 different countries. Find out more about the conference here.